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📸 What to take with you to shoot on Samui? 📸

📸 What to take with you to shoot on Samui? 📸
by Julia Chestikova April 09, 2019

When dates, times and locations are approved, you are in an exciting anticipation of the coveted day, and at this moment, of course, there are a million questions

“What else to take with you so that the photo session will be

Check list to help you, be sure to save

🥝 Clothing – I advise you to take several options with you, and I will help you choose the best one of them 😉

🥝 Swimsuit – it is also better to take a few (solid and separate), so that on the spot you can choose the perfect match with the location and your mood👌

🥝 Towel – if the shooting ended in water (which happens often 😁), then it will be very useful here, and it will also be useful in a situation where you need to quickly change the image (wrapped up and changed)

🥝 Matting or dry wipes – absorb all the unnecessary moisture and you will feel comfortable in the frame 🧚🏼‍♀️

🥝 Comb and gum / hairpin for hair – be sure to take it with you if you do not plan on styling or hairstyle from a professional. There will be an opportunity to create on the spot 😃

🥝 Small budget 💸 – if you suddenly want a refreshing coconut or a beautiful cocktail for even more juicy photos 😻

And of course, according to the classics, must have 🙌🏾

🥝 Water – the filming process is time consuming, and at a temperature of about +30 degrees so much the more 😅 if you do not want to melt like ice cream under the scorching sun, then I advise you to take with you at least 1-2 liters of water.

🥝 Sunglasses – protects your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and pictures from squinting ☺️

🥝 Hat (wide / narrow margins, with or without holes) – any at your discretion is a great addition to the image

And most importantly, do not forget the fiery mood on photography and your amazing smile ❤️

Well, of course, for me to have a photo shoot for sure 😂

Maybe I forgot something 🤔

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