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What to do in Koh Samui in the rainy shooting day? ☔️

What to do in Koh Samui in the rainy shooting day? ☔️
by Julia Chestikova December 30, 2018

This question is now in December, in the midst of the rainy season, the very actual one 😅 But the shooting is carried out at any time of the year and in the rainy season as well. Each season has its own nuances, not without it 😊

Initially, when people contact me when booking time and day for a photo shoot, I voice this moment and ask to contact me upon arrival on the island. When the client is already on the island, we confirm the reservation by 90%. And these 10% we leave for the day of shooting. Because 2-3 hours before the photo shoot we contact again and we confirm the photo shoot 100% already 🙈

Such precautions are related to the fact that Thailand is the tropics and here the weather can not change in 3 days, it can change cardinally in half an hour 😄 sometimes it sunbats in the morning, and for lunch it pours like a bucket, and at sunset again dry and sunny.

To track the weather forecast, I use a special application. “Of course, not on the iPhone, since it shows 365 days a year that there is no rain and no sun on Samui
In one day in my forecast, the probability of truthful information is higher. At least my experience attests to this.

The situation with the beaches is similar. It all depends on the weather, whether the beach will be clean and whether it will be 🤪 or waves will shower the entire beach with algae and other debris from the depths of the sea

No matter how vaguely it is, one thing is obvious: if it is overcast in the yard, we transfer the shooting to the next day. Such a day still comes sooner or later, unless you have planned to shoot on the last day of vacation and by the sunny period have not flown already
In this regard, I insist to shoot at the beginning or in the middle of the holiday, if you really want to stay with photos. It is better to add a tan while processing than to be burnt on a photo or to be without them at all 😁

In the meantime, until the end of the rainy season, there are quite a few 😌 and there are even fewer places to take photographs 😨 so do not pull the rubber, write me in advance 🤗 @ Crystal Bay, Silver Beach – Ko Samui

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