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What sights should be visited on Samui?

What sights should be visited on Samui?
by Julia Chestikova December 08, 2018

When we first arrived on the island, we, as decent tourists, first of all decided to explore everything that is here 😁 We visited dozens of places that I recommended to you earlier and add a few to the list now 😇
Yes, beautiful. Yes, unusual. But I am still more inspired by nature – viewing platforms or beautiful beaches, for example
Of course, to each his own, so I am not inclined to anything. At least once is worth visiting each of these attractions. Moreover, in almost all these places, admission is free. So take a couple of three days, tune in for the journey and go ahead! 😉

1. Big Buddha
I think this is the most popular place on the island among tourists 😄 Actually, the huge Buddha in the center of the temple and the most beautiful view around it 🙏

2. Wat Kunaram Temple (Wat Khunaram)
Here is the well-known mummified monk. By the way, in the temple you can get a protective bracelet or a desire bracelet – this is a multi-colored string that you need to wear until it breaks itself 😊

3. Temple complex Play Laem (Wat Plai Laem)
One of the youngest temples on Samui. It was built only 11 years ago. Very beautiful temple, surrounded on three sides by water 🌊
The complex itself consists of 3 parts: the happy Buddha, the many-armed goddess Kuan Yin and in the center is the Thai temple Bot. To all this, there are still 14 sculptures. And from 6 pm until sunset, the monks begin to hum prayers and mantras.

4. Buddha’s Magic Garden
For 20 years, the monk of this temple worked on sculpted images of the Buddha himself. The scale of his work is fascinating! ✨

5. Red Temple and Snake Stone Pagoda (Wat Sila Ngu)
The pagoda has been attracting pilgrims for more than 250 years. Remarkably, a tourist is buried in the temple, who has done everything possible to make the island famous around the world 🤔

6. Hao Hu Chuk Chedi Pagoda (Wat Khao Chedi)
The pagoda is located on a hill in the tourist part of the island. From here there are stunning panoramic views. Here is the second largest Buddhist stupa on Samui. You can easily see it from the Chaweng Lake area.

Of course, there are many more places worth visiting, but these are the ones that have been noted in my memory

And do you spend time exploring local attractions, coming on vacation? Or just the sea / beach? 😁

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