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What can you bring from Thailand?

What can you bring from Thailand?
by Julia Chestikova July 21, 2018

My clients often ask me what souvenirs from Thailand, you can bring gifts to friends and relatives. So i have already prepared a list for a long time. Catch it!

Write of course you can so much that in 4 posts will not fit, so i will note only the main things that you would gladly give to your friends & relatives:

✔Natural cosmetics from Thailand: coconut oil, various creams, masks for hair and face. Most of these cosmetics here are very good quality at an affordable price.
✔ Teeth pastes. I think this is the best Thai invention.
✔ Biologically active additive (BAA). Omega 3 and 6, zinc, collagen. Quality at times is better than in Russia with the same price policy.
✔ In the shops you can buy spirulina, chlorella and hundreds of different items for detox.
✔Units of handmade: earrings, pendants, bracelets. Is the aesthetics of the Thais even better developed than some European brands.
✔Local rum. Here on Koh Samui there is a real rumervar where you can buy a fragrant freshly prepared rum. And this I’m not talking about Sang som from the supermarket 7/11, which even by lunchtime can not always get out of bed. I’m talking about real rum, which you can buy here only with hands.
✔Fruits of course. Where without them. Passion fruit and mangosteen are such that not bringing them with you from vacation will just be a crime.

And this is not the whole list of possible options! Thais do not like bargaining, but they know how. So be careful, and do not accidentally buy a cream for 500 baht that worth 100 baht.

And what did you bring from Thailand to your relatives and friends?

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