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Thailand is a country of smiles

Thailand is a country of smiles
by Julia Chestikova December 08, 2018

It’s not supposed to be sad and upset, and it’s very difficult to do it on Samui 😁 Bright colors, the sun, fruits and people around – all of this is conducive to being happy every moment a little about Thai culture and life. This is at least one more item to decide to come here 💙

Coming here, you will see that almost every store needs to take off shoes at the entrance, even if you find it unhygienic. Business for indigenous people is not just business. This is their home, their creation and respect for it should be on the level. And those who were in Thailand already know that the Thais are also very religious.

Each house has small houses with sweet water and food. In such houses live spirits that protect the family and this house. And in every house there is always a portrait of the king 👑 The king here is not so much the president and the manager. The king in Thailand personifies the unity of the country and the whole people. No one ever talks bad about a king. No one is indignant, even if his actions seem to them wrong. Moreover, if something is written or drawn on the banknote with the portrait of the king, then you will not be able to accept it in any store. This will be a demonstration of disrespect for the king and the entire royal family.

As for aggression and inadequate individuals, you simply will not find it here. Full sabay-sabay in people’s behavior. Indigenous people enjoy what life has given them. They do not swear when there are traffic jams on the road, they will not show their displeasure, even if they had to stand in line for several hours. Thailand is a land of smiles and full acceptance of everything that happens 🙌🏾
After life in the metropolis, this may seem strange, but when you get used to it, you cannot even live otherwise.

Well, in the end I will say that visiting Thailand once, you will fall in love with it forever 😍 Culture in its full understanding will take you headlong and it will be impossible to stop. And you will fly and 9 and 10 hours with transfers to once again feel the smell of lemongrass on the street, the warm wind and the smiles of all the people that surround you .. ❤️

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