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Thai food 🍚

Thai food 🍚
by Julia Chestikova December 08, 2018

Thai cuisine is famous for the variety of dishes that are popular around the world🍴

Here are some of the most popular:

🥄 Pad Thai 🥄 Tom Yam
🥄 Tom Kha 🥄 Fried rice / fried rice /
🥄 Spring Roll 🥄 Papaya Salad

These dishes, in my opinion, the most edible of all Thai 😁 Local food is quite specific and with many different tastes. Curry, lemongrass, kafir lime, cilantro – all this adds to each dish its own zest.

But I will say right away, they cook this food everywhere differently 😬 Yes, it is like in any country and in any city. Surely in Russia, trying borscht in different places, you can see this. Somewhere delicious, somewhere just a nightmare. And such a nightmare that you can not even eat a spoon

For example, we have a homemade Thai cafe near the house. Speaking of homemade, I mean that she was knocked out in 2 days from what was, but local dishes are prepared there so that it is simply impossible to break away. Each dish is so tasty and made with soul that I would even put the maximum score on TripAdvisor to this place if it were there 😅

Here in Thailand, the high price for a dish is not always equal to the quality. Although this is probably the same in Russia.
Sometimes here in the hotel serves Pad Thai for 500 baht much worse than the same dish in the local cafe for 80 baht. If you really want to experience this unique Asian flavor of food, then try the dishes not in the restaurants, but in the local “eateries” that stand along the roads. Where the tables are covered with oilcloth tablecloths, and next are the chairs Coca-cola 😁

Personally, I eat Thai dishes, so to speak, in the hunt, very rarely. About once a month, maybe less. So, every time you ask me if I love Thai food, I will answer: “Yes!”, But rarely

In general, the Thais have a cult of food. They are all obsessed with it.
In this country, there is no concept of “hungry.” Food is everywhere for every taste and budget.

From half past five in the morning along the road, chicken and seafood kebabs, chicken and pork sausages are sold everywhere, but by 8–9 am Thai women cook 10 types of broth for lunch and dinner 🙈 It is impossible not to notice such “macarons”. Usually it is a cafe with a size of 10 sq.m. with exposed pans by the road. If even in such a cafe there are a lot of Thais, then you can also taste local dishes there without any scrutiny of conscience and fear 😄

On the question of how much money is spent on food here?
If you are ready to eat only Thai food, then you can eat generally inexpensive. For 80-100 baht, you will be served such a portion that you have to dig for half a day at least, maybe even more!

The food here is spicy, for Thais it is the norm, naturally. But if you do not want to run out of the cafe with a scared look with horror, then ask to make the dish not spicy for you! 😁 For this it is enough to say “know spice” 😄 The only nuance is that not all dishes can be made as such. Therefore, if you order green curry, then do not even count on a mild taste. After him, you will remember this country for a long time 🤣

Friends, what’s your favorite Thai dish? Share your impressions ❤️

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