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Terms and conditions

Please, contact me in advance (via e-mail or social media) and order a photo shoot in Koh Samui on a desired date.

Upon your arrival, we will contact and negotiate once more date for photo shoot and other details (exact time, location, other issues).
I'm always ready to pick up image and look for you. I can offer you both staged photography with well-structured scenes and spontaneous photography with vivid emotions. It's very important for me to reflect your mood and feelings while shooting and to create ultimately comfortable atmosphere. All i need is your positive energy!

You'll get your photos within the agreed timescale via file sharing service with no loss in quality.

All raw photos / sources are given only by prior arrangement with the photographer.

Unlike all other photographers, who offer only retouch options, i perform light and color-correction before to send the photos to you.

All photos are available in a cloud storage for 5-7 days. You'll pay for the service on the shooting date.

I reserve the right to use the best photos for noncommercial purposes (on personal website and social media). However, by reasonable prior arrangement you may pay extra 50% of the cost of service to keep your photos confidential.

If you want your photos to be processed in 2 weeks, you may also pay extra 50% of the cost service.

Recommendation for photo shoots in Koh Samui

Read carefully all recommendations and follow them whenever possible.

First, successful photo shoot in Koh Samui depends not only on photographer’s experience and efforts. Photo shoot is a time-taking process, which success depends on BOTH parties, i.e. on photographer and models. Read my recommendations below. Hope, they will help us to make ideally our team work.


1. Sunbathing

I strongly encourage you not to be crazy about sunbathing a day or two before the shooting. Your attempts to get a perfect sun tan may result in a sunburn. If you are not sure about your skin type and the way it reacts to the sunlight, please, avoid extensive ultraviolet-exposure.

2. Makeup

I recommend to all ladies to apply makeup independently, or with the help of a professional make-up artist. I understand that it is rather hot here and you may think your makeup will melt immediately. However, if you completely swear off all makeup, you’ll feel yourself uncomfortable for a short while, as the sun and hot weather can seriously affect your facial skin. Besides, professional make-up artists always use long-lasting cosmetics. So you’ll be able to wear your makeup till the evening.

3. Look

I recommend you to take 1 dress for 30 minutes shooting, 2-3 dresses for one-hour shooting, 4-5 dresses for two-hour shooting. Besides, I recommend you to choose sole-colored dresses. Just keep it simple! Try to match your looks, if you are going to have a photo shoot with your family or a partner. You may complete your look with a sunhat, sunglasses, chiffon clothing accessories and ornaments.

4. Gentlemen

I recommend to all gentlemen to avoid shaving procedures on the shooting day or a day before to eliminate skin irritation.

5. Structure scenes and poses

I will help you to structure a scene and choose a pose. However, I will only provide you with some basic guidelines, which are not mandatory. I can set the pace, and you are welcome to improvise and share your own ideas! Usually, spontaneous photos appear more vivid and beautiful than staged ones.

6. Mood

Your mood is probably the most important thing to get a job done perfectly. Your mood reflects your internal state. You can prepare many looks, put a makeup, choose several vivid landscapes, but this will mean nothing without a good mood. The photos will surely reflect your internal state! Please, remember this!

Questions and suggestions

You are welcome to send me your questions and suggestions with regard to photo shoots in Koh Samui!