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How to organize a wedding in Samui?

How to organize a wedding in Samui?
by Julia Chestikova August 03, 2018

Considering that I take pictures of wedding ceremonies in Samui, I am often approached with questions about how to organize everything and what to look for. Therefore, I hasten to share with you important details that you should pay attention to when organizing a wedding in Samui

Of course, on the island you can make both an official wedding and a symbolic one, that is, without documents, so to say. They differ only in the number of documents and your nervous expenses in this matter ?

What are the most basic questions you should think about before the wedding on Koh Samui?

Let’s take the following points:

1. Define the budget.
To the amount was the most accurate decide who will be at your celebration: the number of people, age, interests.

2. Search for the organizers.
Friends, do not try to do it yourself .. It’s completely different abroad. To the day of the ceremony, you did not go crazy, write to me better, and I will advise you several trusted agencies that will do everything in the best possible way.

3. Transportation of guests.
You can find an agency that itself will buy tickets for the aircraft according to your requirements, but you can do it yourself and take the wedding organizers already only on the island itself for the preparation of the ceremony.

4. Timing.
It’s clear that everyone has their own preferences, but I tell you: listen to the professionals. The ceremony at 12 o’clock in the afternoon will roast you in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, the wedding or the exchange of rings at sunset is simply an ideal option ??

5. Location.
There are lots of options: beach, restaurant, jungle, villa, yacht and so on. Everything depends on the budget and your requirements for the holiday.

6. Choosing a photographer.
This can not be saved at all. It is best to take a photographer for a whole filming day (about 8 hours) to catch the process of preparation, the ceremony and the party after. So you will have an incredible amount of photos and a memory of how it was ❤

7. Accommodation.
Of course, this question must also be solved in advance. Where you stay and your guests are as important as the organization of the ceremony itself.

8. Registration of the wedding.
Again, this issue should be entrusted to professionals. Here, for example, if you need to order some special flowers, you have to order it from another countries, but the local flowers are simply magnificent and you maybe like it more. The design should stylish to the chosen place. You can draw not only the arch, but every place where the celebration will be.

9. Make-up and hairstyle.
You understand that you will look many more years after to these photos, so trust such important moments exclusively to professionals.

And most importantly, if you will pass the previous 9 points, then you will only have to relax and enjoy the ceremony of your dreams)))

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