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How much does a wedding on Samui cost? 💝

How much does a wedding on Samui cost? 💝
by Julia Chestikova December 11, 2018

I am sure that many would like a wedding by the sea. The ceremony on the beach to the sound of the waves .. with an incredible floral arch, and many more beautiful and fabulous ✨ So, if you think in your head, then such a wedding can result in a large amount, or maybe not 😁

These are the main costs you will have to make this event happen:

🌸 Beach rental from 3,000 baht (~ 6000 ₽). This is the first and most necessary. Usually the beach is rented near the hotel, because there is always clean and well-kept.
🌸 Design.
This is at your discretion and possibilities, but you cannot do without a flower arch or any other flower arrangement. Prices from 6500 baht (~ 13000 ₽).
🌸 Bridal bouquet.
From 1500 baht, again depending on your preferences.
🌸 Transfer to the place and back to your room for the newlyweds. Well, if you are not going to ride in a wedding dress on a moped, then just order a car with air conditioning 😁
🌸 Master of Ceremonies.
This is a person who will read either your text, or already ready “the ring has no beginning, there is no end” 😂 you know how it happens.
🌸 Wedding coordinator.
If you are not going to divorce your husband / wife before the wedding, then it is better to take such a person 😅 I understand, you can do it yourself and it’s cool, but why do you need these excitements on such an important day for you? Price: from 5000 baht (~ 10000 ₽)
🌸 Photographer.
The services of a wedding photographer are measured in hours. This is from about 2500-3000 baht (~ 6000 ₽) per hour, subject to a full shooting day.
🌸 Stylist (makeup artist + hairdresser): from 3000 baht for everything. This is again a service that cannot be neglected 😊

You can also: hire a videographer, rent a buffet restaurant, order a show, DJ, fireworks and much more многое

In general, the wedding on Samui will cost you about 900 – 1000 dollars. And she will not be too modest. With this amount you can make beauty ❤️

Expensive or cheap, to judge you, but definitely it is unforgettable and magical 😌 Magically in any weather and at any time of the year 🙏

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