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Real estate photography

This service will allow you to rent or sell your property quickly. Compared to ads that have been photographed on their own cameras, ads with professional photos are viewed 7 times more often, which means that the sale or renting is faster. How do you think why it is happening?



A real estate photographer is not just a person who came to your house for 5 minutes, snapped a few frames on a good camera. Photography Real estate takes a lot of time and requires great professionalism.

In order for your object to look more attractive, the real estate photographer in Samui chooses a successful angle and lighting,  prompts which items need to remove from the frame. For example, personal items, photographs, magnets on the refrigerator from potential tenants on a subconscious level evoke a feeling of someone else’s house, which will be uncomfortable for new customers.

Also, a good real estate photographer in Thailand knows how to make winning pictures of a building from the outside. This is very important to do it in a bright sun. There should be no glare on windows, the color of the house in the photo should not be distorted by light. Also there should be nothing superfluous: foreign cars, people, dogs, garbage containers on a good photo of real estate. If something falls into the frame, the real estate photographer will necessarily disguise it during processing.

If you want to sell or rent out real estate in Samui, quality photos will show all the advantages of a home, make your offer more attractive against the background of competitors and significantly accelerate the implementation time.


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