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Men or women ? 🙊

Men or women ? 🙊
by Julia Chestikova December 08, 2018

As I have already said that before I came to Koh Samui, I was not in Thailand 😄 therefore all the talk about the huge number of transvestites for me was just stories.

For the first time, I saw iceboy in Samui several months later. Here, according to the locals, this is not as frequent as in Pattaya or Phuket. I treat this absolutely neutral 😄 I think that this is the business of every person and me, their choice does not concern at all.

In Thailand, most of the population professes Buddhism, and this is the culture of free people and free minds. Here, no one will despise anyone, and if a man decided to make himself a woman’s breast, grow hair and paint his lips, this is his business. Here transvestites are treated in the same way as in traditional, in our vision, men and women.

On Samui transvestites can be found behind the cashier in the store, on the market, in the store of clothes, cosmetics. Generally, anywhere. For example, I found transvestites for photos on Walking Street, on Chaweng 🙈 these are the same transvestites that exist in Pattaya and Phuket. They work here in cabarets and bars, including prostitution, but only on this street этой you can safely walk with children in other parts of the island and not even worry that you will have to answer 1000 questions later 1000

There is another version on this subject that when a boy is born in a family in Thailand, this is a big tragedy. After all, girls can be put into prostitution and thus support a family, and guys are idle, so to speak, all their lives and live 😬 as a rule, people from distant provinces, where poverty flourishes, are involved in sex tourism.

By the way, here even after a change of gender, a man is still listed as a man on his passport and when it comes time to go to serve in the army, a special detachment is formed for them and they are separate from other servicemen.

Well and still, transvestites here do not take on high posts or on responsible posts in the large companies. But the most beautiful and famous women on television in Thailand are precisely transvestites, so the road to show business is completely open for them and there you can reach great heights

And have you ever seen ice crushers? How do you? 😃

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