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by Julia Chestikova September 06, 2019

I have already talked about the nuances and details of a photo shoot many times so that everything works out as successfully as possible and without stress. The time has come for these magical people 😁 perhaps, after the photographer, the most important people on the set are the makeup artist and hairdresser. ⠀
Even a stylist who selects an image for you is not always required, but a make-up artist and hairdresser is always a guarantee of good shooting!

1. The hairdresser.
In general, when compared with Russia, for example, these are two big differences, so to speak. In Russia, you can lay your hair yourself, get to the place of shooting and for the whole photo shoot your hair will look great. Here, at a constant 93% humidity, sometimes even 5 minutes is difficult to pass with a hairstyle 🤦🏽‍♀️
In such a humid climate, nothing rests at all on the hair. But it is the “local” hairdressers who already know so much about this that your hairstyle will stay for 3 more days 😂 So this is the very point on which, in my opinion, you definitely don’t need to save.

2. Makeup artist is generally 100% of the service that is needed. If at least someone else can do the styling for himself, and makeup under these conditions is almost impossible to do on his own 😐
Here, all make-up artists use professional waterproof cosmetics that will not leak during shooting. It is waterproof not because I will shoot you in the water, but because here in such heat your face will float in the very first 15 minutes 😄 girls, unfortunately, this is so.

My opinion is that even if you take a picture, it’s good to do it from the inside out so that the photos will please the eye for many, many more years.
In my experience, one thing became clear that with the participation of a makeup artist and hairdresser, there are always much more successful photographs in the end итог

The only time you can do without a make-up artist is if you are a make-up artist yourself 😁 or this is a shoot with natural makeup. Or even without it, for girls with perfect skin. But I meet one of a hundred of them 🤭 Yes, and I can say that not a single person was upset that he turned to the services of a makeup artist or hairdresser. The result every time is just fantastic ❤️

Do you turn to professionals for help before shooting? Is there any sense in this, do you think? 😊 @ Ko Samui

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