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How to retouch a photo on the phone 📱

How to retouch a photo on the phone 📱
by Julia Chestikova June 17, 2019

I continue to share with you my favorite applications for processing photos and videos on your phone 🔥 You do not feel sorry for anything 😘

Be sure to keep your tape perfect 😌

The first part can be found on the hashtag 👉 # julisamui_say

So let’s go

🔷 Inshot – a gift from the gods! The person who created it goes to heaven 1000%

The perfect assistant in creating photos and videos. Here you have transitions, filters, and effects (very cool paid!), And acceleration / deceleration, and turns / turns / flips, background replacement and music. You can adjust the video to the format and storiz, and tape 🙌🏾

My perfect tape planner. Actually, I don’t do without it!

Allows you to change the order of future photos using normal drag and drop. There is a built-in editor and color correction. And what is good – the sea of ​​free filters 👏🏻

The coolest thing is that here you can plan the tape for several accounts and immediately write texts to the posts so that the idea is not lost. Plus, you can set the right time for automatic publication and reminders of what you need to publish.

And the most valuable – UNUM shows the best time to publish for your account and offers another analytics👌

🔷 Rookie Cam
Here you will find more than 100 fonts and filters and 300 stickers for ribbon design. Convenient tools for editing and creating collages.

Also in Rookie Cam, when shooting, it is possible to adjust the desired focus, exposure, 6-fold zoom and many, many things

🔷 Lens Distortion
Cool application with effects, if you suddenly wanted to create a little with a photo ✨
I like the most “Sunlight”, “Haze”, “Shards of glass” and “Flicker”
Try to be sure 💫

A very popular and rather ancient application, but I still use it. And I give him a fat plus for the fact that you can publish pictures in the inst without cropping. Also there is a large set of filters, backgrounds, frames, interesting inscriptions and a clear interface.

🔷 Photoshop Fix
Must have for high-quality retouching from Adobe ❤ True, the application requires proficiency in working with layers, sliders, etc. But do not worry, in the application there are tips and you can master in 1-2 days absolutely calmly. 😇 Functionality is only suitable for iPhone users.

If you do not have time to save the post at the beginning, now is the time 🤗

What applications of these are already using?
And what is your top? Share ☺r

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