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How to move around Samui? 🛵

How to move around Samui? 🛵
by Julia Chestikova December 25, 2018

Thailand is very large and different, and the city from the city, and even more so the island differs from the island very much.

For many who come to Samui, it is surprising that the transport system from local minibuses (tuk-tuk), such as in Pattaya, is completely undeveloped. Here tuk-tuk is more an open public taxi than a cheap and fast way to travel around the island.

For 3-5 kilometers you will take about 200 baht. And in the evening, this amount may already be twice as much. And it’s not a fact that in the evening you will be able to catch him at all. ⠀

There is an ordinary taxi on the island, they pass by every 2 minutes, but unlike Bangkok, the cost of the trip is not calculated by the meter, but at the discretion of the taxi driver, as a rule, this is a space price tag. ⠀

In general, based on the above, your transport here is simply necessary, because if you do not live on Chaweng, where there is a supermarket every 5 meters and there is a sea across the road, then in another area you will have to sweat a lot to find a store or cafe.

You can navigate around the island yourself in several ways:

1. Bike rental

The rental price of 150 baht (~ 300 rubles) per day, which is very profitable and pays off on the first day. Gasoline costs about 30 baht per liter here. 4-5 liters will be enough to get around the whole island😄 You can rent a bike here at any time of the year without problems.

The movement here is not as active in Phuket or Pattaya, and you can learn to drive very confidently in a couple of days.

2. Rent a car

It is more expensive and less fast. But the safest☝🏽 The cost of renting a car per day is about 800-1000 baht (about 2000 rubles). Convenient, of course. Air conditioning, all things 😁 but you have to stand in traffic jams, get used to the left-hand traffic, learn to notice Thais who may forget to turn on the turn signal or simply do not look around when they turn around; in general, it’s not that simple.

3. Bicycle.

This is an option for those who plan to lose 20 kilograms of their weight in 2 weeks, because they’re riding a bike, when it’s 38 degrees outdoors, it’s too hot 😂 you can also find bikes for rent for a day or a week.

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