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How to get to Samui cheap? 💰

How to get to Samui cheap? 💰
by Julia Chestikova January 10, 2019

Honestly, it’s cheap to fly now and get a little where possible, but I will offer you several options so that you can save a lot

1. You can fly to Samui from Thailand by Bangkok airways and Thai airways. It costs about 8000 ₽. Hour on the road, but the price is not small 😑

2. You can fly to Bangkok / Phuket / Pattaya and from there take a bus + ferry to Koh Samui. The cost of such a trip from 800 baht (~ 1600 ₽). From Phuket about 8 hours on the road, but from Bangkok and Pattaya 12-15 hours 😁 so see for yourself what you are ready for. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

3. You can buy plane tickets from Asian low-cost airlines: AirAsia and Nok Air. From Bangkok such a ticket will cost about 1,500 baht (~ 3000 ₽). About 6 hours on the way: plane 1 hour, bus 1 hour, ferry 1.5 hours and transfers between them.

4. You can get by train from Bangkok to Surat Thani from 600 baht (~ 1200 ₽), then by bus to Donsak pier and by ferry. The total cost of this trip is about 1000 baht (~ 2000 ₽) and 15 hours on the way.

5. You can rent a car for about 2000 ₽ / day and from any point to get there without any problems 😁 if you are traveling by company, then this is just the perfect option!

To buy tickets to Bangkok / Phuket / Pattaya, you can, as usual, go to Skyscanner or Aviasales and study everything there 😁 in general, for 15000 ₽ from Moscow you can easily buy a ticket (even direct). ⠀ ⠀


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