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How to choose a location for photo on Samui?

How to choose a location for photo on Samui?
by Julia Chestikova December 08, 2018

The question is perhaps one of the most pressing in organizing a photo shoot. Each option is attractive and beautiful. Each has its own pros and cons. And I even understand how difficult it is for you to choose, because many have never been to Samui.

I cannot recommend at my discretion, and as a rule I do not. Of course, I was already here everywhere and I like all these places. Each of them is special for me, so I want you to choose a special place for you

I usually send a link to my Vkontakte group or hashtag to Instagram, and I ask you to select a place on the already prepared photos. They can perfectly see the atmosphere and consider any location from different angles. In color and light, the client chooses what is closer to him. The choice is yours. Is always! 😁

But for a start, the most important thing is to decide on the shooting package. Each package contains the number of locations. If the location is one, then 99% of people choose the beach. This is logical, because the majority come here for a beach holiday, and they want to drag off a piece of heat, at least in the photo

If you choose a package in which there are several places, I advise you to choose not only beaches. Better to let the beach and something else from the following. Because the beaches, though different, but the photos will still be of the same type. Let it be as different as possible: the beach and the historical cultural center or waterfall, etc.

My location options:

🌟 Hotels / Villas
If you are staying in a fabulous hotel or villa, then the photos in the room and on the terrace will be incredible. This can be one of the locations or the only location.

🌟 Beaches
With them, everything is clear, of course 😊 The choice of the beach is also yours. But if you find it difficult to decide, I will always tell you what time of year, what time and which beach will be better.

In the rainy season or after it there are some nice waterfalls. This is certainly not Niagara Falls 😄 but you can still make a couple of atmospheric photo cards 😌

🌟Thai temples
This is for those who like to capture in their pictures not only the beauty of the island’s nature, but also Thai culture. There are more than enough temples here and they are all magical in their own way.

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