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How to choose a hotel on Samui? ⭐️

How to choose a hotel on Samui? ⭐️
by Julia Chestikova December 27, 2018

Immediately, I think that I consider the best holiday on the island in any bungalow, villa or house, but everyone has different interests and I understand perfectly well that living for 1-2 weeks in a hotel is paradise

If you choose a tour yourself, it’s best to go to or Tripadvisor. Thousands of reviews will definitely help you make a choice. But I want you to pay attention to a few nuances:

1. At different times of the year, different beaches behave quite differently! If Ban Tae is good in winter, then in the summer algae will simply float there and the sea will be practically unbutable. ⠀ ⠀

2. Choose a hotel on the beach or within walking distance. But so that the road does not take you 30 minutes every day in one direction 😄 Sometimes it is so hot that such walks will seem like a real challenge to you.

3. Choose a hotel near Chaweng if you plan to party. And you just want to be closer to civilization. Because if you buy a tour to a hotel in Taling Nama or Hua Tanone, then you will have to travel 45 minutes one way 🤯

4. Picturesquely everywhere here, but on Lipa Noi you can settle in the wild jungle with a view of the sunset 🌅 And on Lamai you can meet amazingly beautiful dawns

If you choose a tour through a travel agency, then still read the reviews on the hotels you offer. And I advise you to choose a travel agency that has already worked with tours on Samui, otherwise, you can be advised of such that you yourself will not be happy

Here on Samui there are hotels for every taste and budget. A tour from Moscow for 14 nights can cost you both 60 thousand rubles and 600

Here are a few hotels with the best value for money and reviews:

1. Ibis Samui Bophut (~ 2400 ₽ / day)

2. The Waterfront (~ 3400 ₽ / day)

3. Paradise Beach Resort ($ 3800 / day)

4. Peace Resort (5200 ₽ / day)

5. Nora Beach Resort & Spa ($ 5200 / day)

All these hotels are located on the seafront, have excellent service and are moderately priced! 😇

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