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How to choose a beach on Samui? 🌤 PART 2.

How to choose a beach on Samui? 🌤 PART 2.
by Julia Chestikova December 21, 2018

For an infinitely long time, you can look at how a fire burns and tell about the beaches of Koh Samui already the third post I am writing with information about the most famous beaches of the island. Even with a dozen beaches, even I did not know, so I think you, they also will not be vital

Beach Hotel W-Retreat (W-Retreat Koh Samui Beach)
The beach at one of the most expensive hotels of the island, in the first place, is distinguished by its cleanliness from any other beach on Koh Samui. Also, this beach will be remembered for all its sandy spit, projecting into the sea for several tens of meters. The photos here are very beautiful. And considering that all beaches in Thailand are public, you can get here without any visible problems.

Samrong Beach
Another beach at the hotel, which is not very beautiful, but has its own highlight in the form of the mountains, which offers stunning views

Hua Thanon Beach
A small wild beach in the south of the island. The entrance to the water is rocky and not very convenient, cleanliness also suffers, but here you can do kitesurfing

Thong Krut Beach
This is generally one of the most obscure beaches on Samui. The infrastructure is weak at all, it’s almost impossible to swim here, but on the shore there are a couple of fish restaurants, for the sake of which tourists and locals make a long way to try the freshest seafood there.

Taling Ngam Beach
A picturesque beach with a stunning turquoise sea. Also one of my favorites. And given the location of this beach, here are some of the coolest and most amazing sunsets on the island.

Lipa Noi Beach
Another uncrowded beach located in the western part of the island with the same scanty infrastructure as the previous one, but with stunning hotels on the shore and very beautiful sunsets. There are almost never waves here, so a holiday with children here will be 100% successful.

Bang Po Beach
The beach is 6 km long with much more developed infrastructure, but still it is far behind this point from the neighboring Maenam beach. There is only 1 minimarket and several restaurants on the beach. Housing prices are much lower than on the neighboring beaches, so I recommend it for longer stays and holidays with children. The sea is always clean and without waves, and therefore the highest level of security

Do not forget that this is the third post, and you can read about other beaches on the hashtag # julisamui_ostrov. When choosing a home before you come to rest or wintering, consider all the factors that may affect your vacation. After all, if you are accustomed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in restaurants near the house, while you yourself settled on Bang Po, then you will remain hungry
Well, like, if the information was useful, and save the post to your bookmarks if you plan to visit the island of Samui

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