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How to choose a beach on Samui?

How to choose a beach on Samui?
by Julia Chestikova December 26, 2017

Samui is one of the most popular islands for winter holidays. When going on vacation, the tourists always have a question about choosing a beach. Some of them are very noisy, merry and crowded, but they have all the infrastructure, others are very quiet, almost untouched by civilization, which have a solitude and peaceful rest. To make it easier for you to decide, I decided to create a series of articles about beaches on Koh Samui on my blog. But, honestly, they are so diverse and not similar to each other, which is worth a visit each.

The most popular beach on Samui. So how exactly on this beach is the entertainment center of the island, so there are all sun beds, restaurants, cocktails, varied cuisine, and at night bars and crazy parties. In general, you can not leave this beach.
The sea here is not deep, but very clean.

The second most popular beach. It is much calmer and more comfortable here. Wide beach, swim comfortable. There are dozens of great restaurants, bars and entertainment places on the beach, but still, this beach is more often chosen by older people. ⠀

 Coral Cove
One of the most beautiful beaches on Samui from the point of view of the underwater world. Ideal for those who like to snorkel and admire the sea inhabitants
There are few restaurants here, so if you prefer an active holiday, then you should go here. The sand here is bigger than on other beaches.

 Crystal Bay
Very picturesque beach Photos here are unreal beauty! Water is almost always here a magical turquoise color. This place is often chosen for holidays with children because of the gentle entrance to the sea. ⠀

Chong mon (Choeng mon)
One of the most popular beaches among Russian tourists. In the high season here is simply not crowded. There are a lot of bars and restaurants on the beach, but … at low tide you will walk 10 minutes, in order to go into the water at least to the waist, the water goes very far and if you are not a fan of just wetting the legs, then I recommend other beaches for relaxation.

This is a beach with some of the most expensive hotels in Samui. But since in the kingdom of Thailand all beaches are public, it does not matter. You can easily get to it and spend time there. The entrance to the water is sandy, gently sloping, which is again very convenient for families with children. Entertainment, however, there is practically no.

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