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How to make a healthy chocolate?

How to make a healthy chocolate?
by Julia Chestikova July 21, 2018

I’m a terrible sweet tooth :)) ♀️ Surprisingly, without meat and milk i live much easier than without sweets. I used to be unable to imagine my day without a chocolate candy, or even some very harmful and terribly sweet stuff. Sometimes I lost control and accidentally ate half a kilo. I’m angry at myself  strongly afterwards for this. But sometimes you can do it, I thought.

Now I try to keep track of my food and do not fall into all the worst so to quench my thirst for sweet, we  began to make chocolate at home. Recipe as it turned out to be very simple, and most importantly after 2 hours you will have absolutely natural and tasty chocolate.

Well, actually the recipe: we take natural cocoa, coconut oil and sweetener. Cocoa and butter in the same proportions, that is 1: 1. I will not write how much to hang in grams, all of a sudden you want to make 3 kg of chocolate.

A sweetener is honey. You can also replace honey with agave syrup or Jerusalem artichoke. Add it exactly as much as you need, but it is desirable that it was no more than the chocolate itself. ⠀
Also, you can add any nuts, seeds, raisins. In general, everything that your soul desires.

Cocoa, butter and honey mix to a uniform consistency, pour into the forms, sprinkle your topping on top and send it to the freezer for a couple of hours.

Chocolate turns out just magical! And most importantly, it is natural and definitely will cheer you up :))

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