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How to choose a photographer on Koh Samui?

How to choose a photographer on Koh Samui?
by Julia Chestikova December 04, 2017

Thanks to the fact that the SLR camera purchase today has become available more than ever, you can be lost in the great number of photographers. A lot of them become a photographer, coming to live on Koh Samui. The work seems easy (click and click), it is paid adequately. And, nevertheless, it is still difficult to find a good photographer.

How to find a professional if a photo shoot is planned on Koh Samui? A few simple rules will allow you to find a responsible, passionate professional, without overpaying:

  • Personal meeting. Before shooting you should organize a meeting with a potential photographer, do not hesitate to ask questions, an experienced professional has nothing to hide.
  • Portfolio. The photographer’s work is his face. You should pay attention to the number of filming, the quality of processing photos. It is desirable that in the portfolio there were photo sessions in Thailand, so you will appreciate the professionalism of the photographer in working with contrasts in special weather conditions.
  • Experience Ask about duration of engagement in professional photography. Optimum, period should be 3-10 years.
  • Photo processing. It is the serious criterion by which you can easily distinguish an experienced professional from a novice lover. Ask person how his photo will be processed. Simple color correction is not enough, this specialist will always remove redness on the face, hide a protruding strand or excess fold on the body. Just specify who will retouch the photo. This should always be handled by the photographer himself, because only he knows what the idea was for the photo and what it should be on the way out. If the photographer is on Koh Samui, and the treatment is handled by his friend in Moscow, you should be alert.
  • Terms. High-quality photo processing takes about a month, so if you are promised a finished job in a week or six months, you should think about situation
  • Ideas A professional photographer on Koh Samui should offer you interesting places for shooting, but at the same time do not insist on them if you have already decided on the location. An experienced photographer will do his job qualitatively in any conditions.
  • Legality. Many photographers in Thailand do not have a work permit. By agreeing to cooperate with an illegal immigrant, you run the risk of encountering problems with the police or not seeing the photographer on the appointed day. Therefore, in advance, specify the presence of a visa, especially if you are planning a wedding photo session in Thailand.
  • Website and social media. A good photographer should look nice and presentable. Also pay attention to the number of subscribers in his account or group, so you can draw a conclusion about the popularity of the photographer, at the same time to read live reviews.

Now you know how to choose the good photographer on Koh Samui. Certainly , it will take time, but it’s worth for you. You will find the very creative, professional and responsible person whose works will immediately take a response in your soul. It will help you to keep wonderful moments from the rest of your life.


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